Childrens Book Illustration

"The air is so foul that when I run fast I get out of breath," growled Cheetah.

"The bananas aren't fit to eat," chattered Monkey.


Dry point etching

Sequence: Pen and Ink

Brog is an antisocial Leprechaun. He spends all day making shoes for fairies. He doesn't do this for joy but for the money which he hoards in his little hollow tree trunk home.

The other leprechauns want to teach Brog a lesson; they take his money and leave a trail back to the community. 

Brog sees that his precious golden coins have disappeared. He rushes to the open window where he notices a trail of money left on the forest floor. 

In despair, Brog follows the trail until until he is finally greeted by his friends and family who make him realise that they are much more important than the money which has lead him to lead such a solitary and miserable life, until now...